- About-

Rummage & Hollow began as a place for Stephanie Alpert to share her love of findings. As an artist with a BFA in Film making, she was always keen on found footage, and edited it all together. After a long trip in India, to a small city named Bundi in Rajasthan, Stephanie found her next passion. In this ancient blue city encircled by fortress walls, Stephanie found herself in front of an 8x8 shop filled with one single man, and one single loom. She couldn't take her eyes off of the way the shuttle zoomed back and forth, gliding over the threads of the warp. She was hooked.

- Commission Inquiry -

Rummage & Hollow will accept commission work on a case by case basis. Hand Weaving is a laborious process, such as we are only able to create a limited amount of work at one time.

Please email so we can discuss how to make your vision a reality.


- Vintage-

What happened to all of the vintage clothing? It can still be found on my Etsy shop here.